Tuesday, October 24, 2006


A million years ago, oh God, way before the Earth's crust cooled, Keith Giffen and Andy Helfer (then plotter and editor at DC Comics, respectively) asked me to write the JUSTICE LEAGUE.
What an honor, especially for a guy who was only 23 at the time.
Of course, like any good, lazy, didn't know an awesome opportunity when it hit him in the face 23 year old, I ignored the invitation, and never did a goddam bit of work towards that end, letting it fritter away and pass.
Shockingly, Keith still wanted to work with me, and five years after the JLA incident, invited me to draw a concept he'd created called the SCARLET WEDGIE. Keith had written and layed out an 8 page story, and wanted me to do the final art.
Now, I was a stupid 23 year old, but a much, much smarter 28 year old! Dutifully, I drew up the story!
Shortly after I'd drawn it, the publisher that was going to print the job went belly up, and that's that.
There you go.
I still have the original art--never seen before by anyone, but I really prefer not to show it. It just stinks.
Quasi Spumco/Kurtzman. Poorly spotted blacks. Just not that good.
The best thing that exists from Keith's concept that I generated is this little piece, used as a portion of a cover for WIZARD (if I remember correctly), which was promoting the new publisher before it fell apart. The color guide was beautifully excecuted by Bill Wray.

I haven't heard from Keith Giffen since then.
Give a call, Keith, I'm ready and available to work!


therese said...

Hi Stephen,
So, I'm not Keith, but perhaps this too, will be an offer you may not want to pass. Got your info from Manny Galan (MTV) - please call me at - Thanks Therese Trujillo (818) 736-3734.

Marcelo Braga said...

Hey, Man. I'm not Keith too, but I'm sure he had a good reason to call you twice. Maybe he's just waiting the right time to call you a third time.

Chris Mitchell said...

hi stephen...i AM keith.....no wait...i'm chris..but you can call me keith if u want...

burgerlog said...

nice and nice!