Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Blogger seems to be having issues today....

I'll post art tomorrow.
Happy Halloween, by the way.
Also, note I've been adding links, all required surfing, I assure you.
In the meantime, I'll give a few shout outs to some folks who've posted here:
"Jenny" from the Blackwing Diaries, and Blackwing Sketchbook;
the esteemed theoretician, Edward Fitzgerald (is that how you spell "theoretician?");
fine artist June Parrish Cookson;
Tom Dougherty, who tried to instuct me via post on how to add links (many thanks, Tom!);
the very astute "newsboyarizona", who, when I mentioned Capt. Marvel as one of my favorite superheroes, asked whether I was referring to C.C. Beck's creation, or Marvel Comic's "Mar-VELL"! For the record, I really had the 40's/Fawcett Comics character in mind, but I actually do like Mar-Vell, in a weird kind of way. I'm not so into the early green and white uniformed, Gene Colan character, but once he puts on that red, splashy costume, I thought he was kind of rad...."FaanTASTIC!"--K-TANNGG!!
Also, much love to my boys Al Pardo and Mike Carlo, who used to torture me when I'd show up at work in the morning by giggling as they watched lousey cartoons like "Friend in Your Face".

Is it hot in here, or is it just me...?

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