Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Kyle does Vinnie

Years ago, Robbie Busch and I egged Kyle Baker on to draw like his former boss, Vinnie Coletta.
This is what Kyle drew.
I kept it.
Kyle never finished it, didn't letter it or nothing, but the joke is

(wait for it......)
that the girl in the foreground is whistful.
Because her portly boyfriend has bigger
knockers than she has.
Note: Kyle, with a bit of direction from Robbie and I, managed to get that romantic, wall-eyed quality to his female that Vinnie was so adept at!
In the same sitting, Kyle banged out an illustration inspired by Atlas-era Marvel Monsters, called CHEESOR (complete with an Artie Simek style logo.)
But I lost Cheesor somewheres, dang it.


jimmcp said...

This is quite a time capsule! Do you remember what tools he used for each part of this. Does this imply that Kyle did some figure work for Vince? Did Vince teach his assistants how to copy his style? Or did it seem that Kyle could just mimic him?
Your friend,
Jim McP

sdestefano said...

Great to hear from you, Jim McP!
S'funny, I was there, and I have no recollection of what Kyle used to draw this piece. After studying the original carefully, I believe it must be a Marker-Brush, which is weird, cuz it really looks like penwork to me. But the way it's sitting on the paper, I'd have to say it's a brush-pen.
Kyle may have done figure work for Vince--typical use of an assistant is to have them do nearly everything but hands and faces. I wouldn't be surprised if Kyle did many figures in the backgrounds, but I honestly don't know. Outside of knowing that Kyle was Vinnie's assistant, I'm a little vague on how their system worked. As for drawing in Vince's style, keep in mind, Kyle's an excellent mimic. When I first met him, he was studying Charles Schulz's techniques, and within a year or two was jumping over to Chuck Jones' style.
Take care, Jim!

Anonymous said...

Vince Colletta drfew really pretty girls. I don't know what that's supposed to be.