Saturday, April 28, 2007

The VENTURE BROTHERS are dead to me.

Many thanks to crack cartoonist Douglas Lovelace for supplying this piece of my art, which I'd hinted at a couple of weeks ago during the Big Venture post.
Permanent red marker. See all the blood?
The boys are dead.


Adam Ford said...

REALLY appreciate the compliment sir. not often I'm impressing anyone, especially on the inteweb which allows for SO many people with talent to come together...I feel like a small fish in a big pond yeah?
Anyway, Archie has his moments, I won't deny him that...and he CERTAINLY brought television up a few notches. Maybe I need to get on the netflix and re~acquant myself with mr.bunker.
keep it awesome.

Joe Henderson said...

I love that show!!! Awesome Stuff man

kaNO! said...

LOL, this was an awesome way to wrap the first season.

Swamp Flea said...

I love how you had to white out Brock's mullet because he got his hair burned off.

Ryan Khatam said...

haha whoa, crazy

the buff dude's expression is right on

sdestefano said...

thanks everyone.
Yeah, Mike, you caught the white out--I'm guessing you had to do a model of Brock with shorter hair?

Crew Hudson said...

I have never seen Brock so shaken. aawwwww...
very cool, thanks for sharing