Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Drawn Together

Some of you may know that I was boarding on Drawn Together last year, which was a good gig. Very difficult, it's a very work intensive show, but actually quite a lot of fun. My old REN AND STIMPY office mate, Pete Avanzino was supervising director on the series, and Pete invited me onto their team, in a freelance capactiy. Actually, everyone at the producing studio, Rough Draft, was as nice and as generous as could be with me, from Producer Claudia Katz on down to directors Dwayne Hill and Stephen Sandoval, among others.
These drawings were intended for an ad in Variety Magazine, that to my knowlege never got farther than the sketch stage.


Yeldarb86 said...

Ah, so you must've been behind some of Toot's crazier-than-usual expressions from the N.R.A. episode?

sdestefano said...

In fact, as the board artist with experience working in the Fleischer style, I was considered the Toot guy. I also boarded her adventure with the Weiner Mobile, and as Queen of India.
If I understand correctly, the show wasn't picked up for another season.