Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Nick Magazine Blog

People are emitting much DeStefano love lately. It's weird. They should just cut it out.
Still, if you can't get enough me, go over to Nick Magazine's Blog, where editors Chris Duffy and Dave Roman share, in a kid friendly manner, their process for putting the comics section together, as well as upcoming art.
You can catch a preview of my latest SpongeBob story there. Also, Chris and Dave reveal the exact number of times I've drawn Jimmy Neutron running down a flight of stairs!
The address is: http://nickmag-comics.livejournal.com/
For those of you who're curious about how I landed a plum job like drawing Jimmy Neutron (Guiseppe Castellano, I know you're out there!), check out those sample pieces above!

Aww, YEAH! Tha's right...work it girl!

We did nothing but have fun on Katbot.
Whatever happened to that show?
I forget, but here's a photo of show Production Manager B J Kearney rocking out.
I'm behind her, marveling at her rockingoutedness.
Behind me?
The mysterious Jackson Publick (creator of the Venture Brothers) not rocking out.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Read my interview. Soon to be a major motion picture.

Thanks to Jeaux Janovsky.

Jesus is just alright with me. I prefer Captain Marvel.

I was just fooling around, sketching.
It seems to me more and more lately that the best comics artist of the "Golden Age" had to have been C. C. Beck. Yes, Cole drew loopier, Eisner more cinematically, Raboy more heroically and Lou Fine feathered everything. But for sheer, direct storytelling and staging, clarity and fun, Beck is my choice. His Cap always seems to be in the exact right place for tension and drama, and Beck knew how to draw him simply and beautifully. Looking at his work, I sense that he knew anatomy and perspective as well as anyone, say Mac Raboy, but knew how to abstract and short hand it like no one else before or since.
Also, as I said somewhere else on this blog, I like Mar-Vell a lot too. K-TAAANGG!!

And yet MORE Popeye art...

Sorry, folks, my stash of Popeye art is inexhaustible.
Still, these are two of my favorite sketches for King Features Licensing, done a few years ago for a line of bendys that were produced. The final toys were quite well done, I thought, looking remarkably like my drawings. Come to think of it, I'm not sure they ever did produce the Jeep figure.

Fish Playing Poker

Because you know they do, underneath the sea, and all.