Thursday, August 30, 2007


Robbie Busch and I created this flier to advertise the coming of INSTANT PIANO at the San Diego Convention, way back in '94.
Robbie drew Mark Badger's characters, as well as his own, while I drew and lettered everything else. Evan came up with the Neil Gaiman crack, but I don't get it.


This is for Matt (Don't Call Me "Pee-Pee") Peters, VENTURE BROTHERS storyboard artist extraordinaire, and comics fan. Matt's one of the few people I know other than myself who loved the Super-Sons concept from DC's WORLD'S FINEST COMICS of the 1970's. I know this looks like Superman and Batman, but it's really SUPERMAN AND BATMAN JUNIOR. My versions of them anyway. A while ago, I had the idea in my head that I'd pitch this to Cartoon Network.

Saturday, August 25, 2007


Some pieces I was lucky enough to collect during my days out west, painted by Bill Wray, Scott Wills and Victoria Jensen.
These paintings are fairly small, so it's cool to see them scanned and digitally published in such a large format.


This is one of my favorite originals from my collection. Cartoon storytelling doesn't get more charming than this.
The strip was called BARNEY BAXTER--the fuzzy guy in panels 3 and 4 a character named Gopher Gus, and indeed, the creator of this strip was a fellow named "Frank Miller". I much prefer his work to that of the more famous cartoonist toting that name around today (Although, I do own a piece of HIS art as well....)


Page two from that Paradox Press story I'd blogged a couple months ago.
I'm proud of the Flintstones panel, as well as the Greek Tragedy I drew....

Monday, August 20, 2007


In fact, this is one of the best birthday cards I ever got. I don't remember when I got it, but Chris Duffy gave it to me, anyhow, drew it for me and gave it to me, in fact.
The contents are...a little esoteric. You need to have a working knowledge of Marvel Comics from the 60's. And maybe the 70's.
And Chris knows I'm a sucker for that flat topped, fine finned sea-king, NAMOR, THE SUB-MARINER. (That's MAH-rin-er. Not Ma-REE-ner. Which is what I thought it was when I was little. Now, if anyone can rightly tell me how to pronounce "Magneto", I'll die a happy fella.)
Hey, you know, Chris is the comics editor of Nickelodeon Magazine, and he's also started his own blog, which is this:
I encourage you to visit Chris there, often.


The first bit of work I did for DRAWN TOGETHER were actual comic pages, drawn in the style of classic SUPERMAN artist, Wayne Boring. Some of this works, some doesn't, but it was fun to draw in that style. The layout here is actually by DT director, Pete Avanzino. I came in and Boring'ed it up.

Saturday, August 04, 2007


Two more photos by Shivers Mullen. For whatever reason, she seems to find the crapola I have in my house interesting. Personally, I think the photos she takes of my crapola are more interesting than the actual crapola itself.
But, speaking of Popeye, I had a blast promoting the new Fleischer DVD set out in San Diego. The Warner's Video people were extremely kind to me, as was my old King Features pal Frank Caruso. It was fun to see old friends Bob Jacques, John Loter, Karl Kesel, Ron Randall, Barbara Kesel, Marv Wolfman, Chris Mitchell and Bill Presing again. My thanks to Blog Buddies Smo, Pete Lazarski and Marc Crisafulli for coming to the Popeye Panel. And especially terrific for me was having dinner with my "kids", Pete Browngardt and Phil Rynda. Perhaps I won't wait another 15 years to go to Comic Con again!


Poses and Mouth Charts for the Episode 29, Season 3 of the Venture Brothers. Drawings by me and Jackson Publick.