Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Unused Looney Tune Cover Concepts

Pitched these a few years ago to DC comics, but the Looney Tunes editor wasn't interested. I still like 'em; the gags are a little lame, but no lamer than what's generally used.


James E. Daniels said...

Those a great gags!
Too bad they weren't accepted.
I feel silly asking this question, but wasn't your art first featured in Looney Tunes 100? When did you submit these gags?

sdestefano said...

Not so silly a question, J. E., although I'm not sure what you mean by my art being "first featured in Looney Tunes 100". LT 100 was my first work published in DC's Looney Tunes comic, although I'd drawn the characters many years before that for DC's Looney Tunes magazine (under editor Joey Cavalieri).
My very first published art for a DC comic book was in House of Mystery, sometime around 1980, I'm guessing (it was a one page gag called I...BABY VAMPIRE). I think I submitted these cover gags around 2001. But, no, my history with the characters and DC goes quite a ways back. I'm old!

James E. Daniels said...

I did mean "seeing your work in the Looney Tunes comic".
I never saw your work in the magazine though.
You have lots of experience!