Sunday, April 15, 2007


As Bob had suggested, I do have a pretty sweet collection of orignal art from the classic era of newspaper comics. No Herriman or McCays in it---what am I, a millionaire?---but definitely some nice stuff, which I can begin sharing with you.
The first shown here was a gift from Shane Glines, a nice Don Flowers original.
The second a gift from Bill Wray. Frank Robbins was just the best, wasn't he?
The third is a couple of panels from my most recent acquisition, a MOM AND POP daily. Not so incredibly pretty, but charming and straightforward, which I love.

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Unknown said...

Gosh those are great! Thanks for posting, eh... eh...

I had my eye on a Reamer Keller, that I was hoping to get for my birthday last month. I geuss I didn't leave enough hints with the misses :( I'll have to pick it up myself, ya... that's it I'll get it myself! "This old thing?! I've had it for years! You can tell because it's so old."