Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The Big Venture Post, Part 1: VIOLENCE!

I've been wanting to do this for a while.
Many of my friends have posted their wares from their time on the VENTURE BROTHERS. I was a board artist on Season One, under the crazy brilliant storyboard supervision of Bill Presing, and the even (if you can believe it) crazier brilliant direction of the one and only Jackson Publick.
About three weeks ago, I returned to Venture, this time as storyboard (and character design) supervisor myself, for Season Three. I am home. I share a swank, swinging crimson red painted office with Mr. Publick himself (he's actually blogged about it, just check on the links to the left of this post and you can read for yourself), recently adorned with busts of Giant Man, the Wasp, Goliath and Electro. I've read two scripts for the coming season. I've been promised that I will be killed-- violently-- if I devulge anything from those scripts, but I think I'm safe in saying they're hilarious.
On Season One, I boarded the first appearance of Molotov Cocktease, and her vicious fight with Brock.
I also boarded the sequence featuring Brock's massive, erect dong.
I was good at sequences featuring massive dongs and intimate, violent fights.
Not so good at army invasions, though.
Mr. Publick's infatuated with army invasions, and when reading new scripts during season one, I'd scour them for army invasions. Then I'd tell Bill I refused to draw that sequence, and he'd have to give it to my boarding partner, Tom Connor. Which he'd do.
Thankfully, I've a staff starting in a couple of weeks, and I can let them worry about future army invasions.


wolfboy said...

Good GOD, man--you are the greatest contemporary artist I've ever seen. For real--there's no other I respect more. Glad to see you on a show so well suited for eachother's talents!

sdestefano said...

you're crazy, andy.

wolfboy said...

YOU so crazy.

:: smo :: said...

that "love scene" was the most brilliantly boarded thing i'd seen in a long time. when my friends and i first saw it we totally lost it! so good!

i've been trying to convince rick danger lacy to get the studio to hire my model friend to dress like mol and hand out postcards or some such business at san diego comic con...i sent her that scene for costume reference just incase!