Thursday, August 17, 2006

Unpublished Strip

A photocopy of an unpublished strip, created originally for a proposed Sunday supplement of comics and entertainment.
The concept and characters for PET CLUB were Brian Marshal's, but this pretty much reads to me as something I'd written, clearly with help from INSTANT PIANO collaborators, Robbie Busch and Mark Badger.
It's cute.
It reminds me a bit of Jack Kent's work (and for those of you unfamiliar with his classic strip, KING AROO, I highly encourage you to go find an old paperback collection, they're usually pretty affordable). I might draw things a bit differently today, (this piece must be at least 10 years old), but my biggest concern is the story telling.
Now, what exactly is going on in panel six? Who's delivering that line?
Jeez louise, it's fun to find these old strips of mine, but I am a little alarmed at the lack of clarity in my presentation here.

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