Wednesday, August 16, 2006

and, More from the Infinite.

I found these going through my files, and despite the fact that they must be over 10 years old, I'm still proud of my work on them. This is me cleaning up Bill Wray for his cartoon, KING CRAB. The really messed up thing about them is 1) how clean they are...why?!?, and 2) how tiny I drew these. I mean, these were the baby post-its I was cleaning up. Isn't that fucking looney?
But that was how I enjoyed working back then, and Bill and I worked on several cartoons in this manner (In particular, I remember the Sammy Mantis Jr. cartoon for Ren and Stimpy was done mostly in miniature.)


Don Shank said...

wow these are beautiful! I love baby post-it storyboards. it's like carving one of those little circus parades that fits into a human hair.

SmittyCartoons said...

Did this cartoon ever come in to fruition? I know he's got like statues or whatever but I've never seen the actual cartoon. Any idea where it could be viewed?

sdestefano said...

Oh yeah, this cartoon aired and everything. It just never got picked up.
I dunno if it can be viewed anywhere, have you tried Youtubing it? (And while you're there, you may want to check out the Plastic Man pilot that I boarded, which has also been passed over by the Network. I...I've worked on more pilots that've been rejected, heh, I swear.)
Don, you're beautiful. Don Shank, ladies and gentlemen, creator of the concepts of the "Drool Tube" and "Hoof Loaf"! Don Shank!

william wray said...

You always make me look good.