Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Space boy, IN COLOR

Based on characters created by Dan Yaccarino.
I think that's how you spell his name.



Stephen, these are beautiful!!! Do you have any more?- If so, please post 'em!

Alisa said...

Hi Stephen! I see you've entered the world of blogging... Wonderful stuff you've posted so far.

Toren Q Atkinson said...

What media are you using? Watercolour? Felty pens?

Dave Pryor said...

This is a great piece!

I'm partial to the wonderment of little boy's and Aliens in general.

Take care

SmittyCartoons said...

and yes, you spelled his name correctly! He does some nice work! I have a few of his children's books. Keep cranking these out! Your work is always inspiring!
-Andy Smith

sdestefano said...

no watercolors, this is in marker, with a little bit of colored pencil (learned to work in colored pencil from the master, Kyle "BIG DICK FUNNIES" Baker.)