Saturday, July 21, 2007


The first storyboard out of the season 3 gate was finished this past week, and it's spectacular. No one, repeat, no one will be disappointed watching any of the VB's this coming season.
I've no idea when it starts airing.
The above drawings are by myself and the incomparable Mr. Jackson Publick.


Shivers said...

Well, considering I now know this episode like the back of my cramped little hand... you've given absolutely nothing away and proves, Mr DeStefano, that you are indeed a big tease!!!!

Thank God I work on this show!

xx Shivers

Will Finn said...

love yer blog, love VB, love your POPEYE pix and somewheres i have a stash of xerox model sheets you did onmy pal Chris Bailey's RUNAWAY BRAIN.awesome drawings!

but most of all i treasures me fading copies of INSTANT PIANO: "wotthehell, wotthehell...toujours gai, kid..."

DrSpecter said...

I would give my vestigial twin's left eye to work on this show in any capacity! And story's my favorite department.

I'd love to see anything from season three as June 1 approaches. Hell, Cartoon Network's already aired 11 minutes from a rough cut. Could any spoiler be more revealing than that??