Saturday, July 21, 2007

and let's not forget...WHIFFLE PIFFLE!!!

Is that how you spell his name? Anyway, he's the little fellow cheerfully carrying the lobster to Betty and Pudgy. One of the Fleischer Studio's lesser stars, but I like him all the same, so included him in this promotion piece King provided to the Palm Restaraunt chain. (Speaking of the Palm, if you're ever in New York City, go to the original Palm on the east side. As you enter, directly to your right you'll see a painting of Betty Boop I did on their famously cartoon cluttered walls. Then go stuff yourself silly, which is not too diffucult a thing to do at the Palm).
Once again, folks, I'm off to San Diego this week, and will be on the Popeye Panel on Thursday. Hope to see you all there!


Unknown said...


You've had a very nice carrier path there Stephen. All the Popeye stuff is just GREAT!

Have fun in San Diego, hope you survive it.

Marcelo Vignali said...

You've got a really fun blog. Popeye is one of my favorite characters, it was nice of you to solve the Brutus, Bluto mystery.

mikecarloooyeah said...

Awesome stuff... as usual!! good luck in San diego.

Anonymous said...

This is quite cute. Appealing design, paying homage to such an iconic character, and in some ways, placing Betty and her dog in the 21st century, without making it forced.

It's a shame that I live in Vancouver, since I would be at the comic con, telling that you been an insparation, and to improve my ability to illustrate. I just wanted you to know that.

Oh, and before I go, I had recently posted the first parter of the history of Popeye, so please see it, and tell me if I had done my homework.

Kevin WOlf said...

My, my. Mr deStefano has been busy these many years. Wish I could say the same for my lazy-ass self.

I like the work very much.

sdestefano said...

Kevin! Whoa, sir, I just saw and dined with Karl over the weekend (first time I'd seen him in about 15 years!). Krikey, son, what're you up to?

:: smo :: said...

hullo sir!

that popeye panel was great! i thought jerry beck was going to explode!!! and it was awesome to get to meet ya even though it was just for a second! hope ya had a good comiccon!


Kevin WOlf said...

Stephen: Haven't heard from Karl for a while. Hey, drop me an email with your contact info. I'm kevin at kevinwolf dot com.