Saturday, July 21, 2007


These are cherished and dusty in my home.
And why did Dark Horse stop making them before they got around to producing WASH TUBBS and CAP'N EASY?
Photos by the staggeringly talented Shivers Mullen.


Unknown said...

Hey, Stephen -- I keep bugging Mike Richardson to go back to doing these statues. Who the hell needs Magnus Robot Fighter when they haven't done Jiggs, or Kayo Mullins, or The Little King, or the Sea Hag? Richardson told me he was talked into doing Smokey Stover instead of Jiggs by someone at DHC. !!! Stover sold the woist, to boot.

I don't care if they don't sell, I got hooked on these and wanted more, too. Because I'm sad.

Shivers said...

"staggeringly talented"???!!!!! Good Jesus! hahaha I blush sir... I also wish it were true!

xxx Shivers

sdestefano said...

Evan, I think you've got it backwards.
You're sad because they stopped making them, not because you were hooked and wanted more.
And Shivers--settle now; I tell no lies on my blog.

Unknown said...

Oh, sure, I am bummed they quit the series. I think they originally vowed to make 70 of them, or perhaps that's my addled memory. Sarah was hoping they'd make Aleta. I thought they should make the best Dick Tracy villains. Daddy Warbucks. Hans and Fritz. And on and on.

(Emily likes The Jeep, Felix, Dennis the Menace and Tubby).

They did just release a Golden Age-y Batman and Superman, whop did have strips. Ditto Wonder Woman, due soon. Which is neat, but it's no Jiggs or Flip.

Have a great (or tolerable) SDCC, btw. This is the first year I sort of wish I was going in a while, mainly because a lot of friends are going to be there we never see. And I can't wait to see the Popeye DVD.

Owe you a letter, talk to you soon, I hope.

sdestefano said...

yeah, those DC statues are somewhat cool. I don't think I'll be getting them, however, as DC has represented itself--and those characters--- in 3 dimensions pretty darned well. And, yeah, who'da thought you could get a modern sculp of Jiggs or Kayo these days?
Will miss you at San Diego.
Think I'm just going to sit in the sun out there.