Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Odd Shank, Odd Camp

More odd drawings from the Spumco/Games days.
Ren and Stimpy by Don Shank, and Ren solo by Bob Camp.



keenan said...

*enjoying* =D ... these are great! i love this wierd stuff!

Matt Jones said...

Hey, great to see Sketch by Bob Camp. I spent a month working with him this summer in Paris. He showed me an incredible storyboard you did for him on an unproduced pilot. Cool guy, cartoon maestro.

Anonymous said...

Fascinating blog you've got here - spumpco, minoriteam and more. I had no idea the Weekly World News even had a comic feature.

I found out about this blog from a recent post on Jackson Publick's blog saluting the various people who helped make the Venture Brothers possible and following those links has been an interesting trip.

sdestefano said...

Welcome, Noskilz, glad you joined in.
Please stick around for more good stuff, I've been meaning to make a VB post for a while!

Yeldarb86 said...

Bob Camp is practically the last ex-Spumco bigshot to NOT have a blog.

Somebody needs to get him on board!

Freshyfresh said...