Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Here I was furthering my self-education, emulating Kurtzman as best I could. I did better with this piece than with the aforementioned "Scarlet Wedgie" art, but still, from my 13 year vantage point, didn't quite hit the mark. Some not-so-bad stuff in it, though, I think.
The character and story are "Comics Ace" Heidi MacDonald's; I believe I did this as a favor to her, or something. She wanted to hand it out at conventions. Heidi thought farts were hilarious, you couldn't mention the vapors around her without getting a huge guffaw.
This is the inside cover, page 2, the cover (page one) appearing as part of my final post today.
Happy November, everyone!


Kevin Langley said...

These Battlefart pages are great! The costume is absolutely hilarious.

sdestefano said...

thanks, Kevin!

william wray said...

Genius, I never saw this. So many secret projects. How can I ever complete my De Stefano collection.

Heidi MacDonald said...

It's nice that I head to read about this on ¡JOURNALISTA!

sdestefano said...

If I've upset you by posting this story, Heidi, I do apologize. That was not my intention. In the future, I will check with you before posting other work we've done jointly.

Heidi MacDonald said...

Thanks, Stephen. I posted that this morning when I was super cranky (and couldn't type)'s all good. Your work on Battlefart was and is...a delight.