Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Thanksgiving tease; Stephen does SpongeBob

Thought I'd share this with you folks. Recently, I finished a two page SpongeBob story for Nick Magazine. Here's a panel's worth, with non-final color by the Sno-Cone studios, art by me, and story by me with Gweelok. Don't know when it'll be coming out, but when I know I'll give a shout. This was fun to do. My first real SpongeBob work. Not the first time I'd drawn the character professionally though. Anyone care to guess what my first official shot at drawing SpongeBob was?


sdestefano said...

Awesome. I've no idea why the image's colors are all screwed up like that. But isn't it cool?
Anyway, the colors are more true if you click on the image to view it....

Mega said...

ha, and i was about to say that the colors rock! funny? yes.

id love to grab a copy of that comic , any idea when its released?

Anonymous said...

Whenever I post an image that has been manipulated in photoshop before "saving for web", the colors funk up like that.
Unfortunately, the pic won't load for me due to errors.
Nice work though!

sdestefano said...

no, don't know when this ish will be out, but I'll post a date when I hear.
J. E.--
thanks for the Photoshop advice, and sorry the pic's not loading for you!

keenan said...

your style with spongebob equals *%?!&*# awesome!!! i too love the funky colouring! =D

hey could you plz post some stuff you did for hellboy junior ... i have the comic and i really like when you draw in the harvey comics style!

sdestefano said...

I may have some Hellboy Jr. stuff worth posting...I believe I have some character sketches somewheres. Thanks for asking!