Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Sgt. Popeye's etc., etc.....

Unused concept for a rock and roll Popeye style guide. Drawn quite a few years ago, probably 15 years.

Five bucks to anyone who names all the characters (it really ain't that hard.)


Amir Avni said...

Sgt. Popeye’s Lonely Hearts Club? That’s brilliant!
Follows the original real accurately too.
There’s a similar Simpsons poster, not nearly as successful…or funny!

Uncle Phil said...

pete punched me in the neck when he saw this. that means it's good.

R. Banuelos said...

I don't know very many of them (except the one's still in print) but Koko the clown (or is that Klown), Krazy Kat (what was with the K's?), Betty's dog Bosko (I think that's his name), and what appears to be Killroy with a daisy hat on.

sdestefano said...

yeah, I'm a Beatle Freak, but a distant second to Frank Caruso, art director at King Features Licensing, who talks about the Fabs incessantly. Not surprised I strived for accuracy, although I don't remember my process in doing this drawing.

how's your neck feeling now?

That's good! That's a start. I think Koko was a "clown" with a "C". If I'm not mistaken. Betty's dog is named Bimbo. Actually, her dog-dog is Pudgy, Bimbo is really her dog-boyfriend, believe it or don't.
And the "Killroy with a daisy hat on" is actually Popeye's baby-sitter and one time enemy, Alice the Goon. Killer character with killer design.
I'll point out here and now, speaking of Alice, that Fantagraphics released vol. 1 of Segar's Complete Popeye yesterday. Nice looking book, but freaking troubling for those of us that bought the original run some 20 years back (do I buy it, do I don't buy it...?) Still, for anyone that does not know this strip, PLEASE go out and get this book.
Popeye's a famous character, old as the hills, we all know him. Old hat. Antiquated. But there's a reason why he's that famous. Read the book and you'll see the reason.
For me, Popeye is the funniest comics I've ever read.

william wray said...

this is better than it has the right to be.

sdestefano said...

it's okay, it's only a sketch. From a long time ago.
But thanks for your compliments.