Tuesday, November 21, 2006

No blogging today

Check back tomorrow. In the meantime, check Phil's Blog. He's got a cool post about Tezuka's Buddha there.
Or check Don Shank's Blog. He's posted awesome paintings of "Hammamie Schmammies".
Andy Suriano's always posting something cool. Hey! Gweelok's even posted some new stuff after a while of inactive blogging,
as has his TOTAL PACKAGE.
Check in with them, or any of my friends that're linked to the side.
Then check back with me tomorrow.
I'll tell you why I'm not a fan of Chuck Jones' cartoons.


Total Package said...

Thanks for the shout out Stefano! It brought a tear to my eye...miss you.

Matthew I. Jenkins said...

Stephen, do you take requests? I'd love to see anything you might have that talks about your theory on spotted blacks in composition, what to think about as you start a thumbnail, etc.

Love your blog!

sdestefano said...

Sure, Matt, I'd be happy to share my thoughts about that stuff. That'll make a good topic for me next week!
Thanks for writing.
Always good to hear from you, Total. Miss you and Gweelok as well...