Monday, April 14, 2008

Portrait of the Artist as a Baldy.

That's Siobhan's hand in the mirror.
Also, dig the groovie panoramic view of my workspace!
I've got Popeye toys!


Don Shank said...

I love artist's studios pictures!
and i love that there a Viewmaster Tv in the upper corner!

Don Shank said...

or wait...
is that a viewmaster tv?
it has a record player on the top.

BlackBob said...

Hey Stephen, nice office! Hope you had a nice holiday over here in Ireland! Trev

sdestefano said...

Thanks for the comments, boys.

I forget what they call that TV thing, Don, I had one as a kid. SHOW N' TELL, I think. You put a film strip in as you play a record. It was pretty cool. My don't work though.

And Trev, my trip to Ireland WAS great, and thanks again for the Warren magazine.
The only downer during my trip was when I ran into a pooka on the road one night, just before dawn. Luckily, Siobhan and I had our glock's in the car, (also a dog running alongside of us) and we shot at the pooka and shot at it, and killed it. But then, as I was taking a leak at the side of the road, Siobhan disappeared. And then the pooka reappeared, and killed me.
Like I said, kind of a downer.
But otherwise the trip was great!

Shivers said...

You can barely see it here but the image of Johnny Ramone on that Ramones t-shirt that's draped on your workbench has him wearing a Popeye t-shirt... its pretty cool!

Damn... I should have asked if anyone could tell us how many Popeyes are in the 2nd photo?

Oh well!

xx Shivers

BlackBob said...

Lol, I hope you were wearing a hat-cam! ;D "One thing about living in Wexford I never could stomach, all the damn pookas!"

Uncle Phil said...

Sweet studio pictures stephen. Looks like a a great place to work on your abs... and read Thor...AT THE SAME TIME!!!

What are you inking/lettering there!? Holy shit... That's a lot of dem dere word thingies.

david gemmill said...

and i thought i was the only one who had a barbell next to my drawing desk. Wow, i kind of feel like i am on the right path to becoming a cool cartoonist. i just need to learn how to draw.

Vincent Waller said...

Yay! Cartoonist with weights! Fight the stereotype!We can stand up straight.
And yes that is a butt load of them there words.
I am truly jealous of your ability to be well of course, your drafting abilities.

sdestefano said...

yeah, lifting weights is hard, Vincent---
I personally had to move them into that position in my office.
Organizing is easy though.
Just have your girlfriend do it, like I did!

Shivers said...
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