Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I enjoyed your book when you were talking about LUKE CAGE and stuff, but around page 300
I just got bored.
And you know what? I was kind of enjoying the OMEGA THE UNKNOWN book you were helping out on, but now I'm finding that kind of boring too.
And also, earlier this week, I saw the collected OMEGA THE UNKNOWN, the original Steve (BABY) Gerber series, at the Strand, and I didn't get it, but later realized I wanted it, and when I went back, it wasn't there. Too late! Bought by someone else!

But that one I don't blame on you, Jonathan Lethem.


License Farm said...

I must respectfully disagree with your assessment, suh. Fortress of Solitude was satisfying, if melancholy, as was Lethem's book of short stories of which I'm presently blanking on the title. I've also been enjoying Omega, though admittedly I've not yet read the past two issues, but I'm looking forward to Gary Panter's guest art on top of Farel's great art.

sdestefano said...

Point taken, License Farm.
I actually preferred Lethem's book of short stories, (MEN AND CARTOONS, I believe it's titled.) I have friends who thought MOTHERLESS BROOKLYN quite good, and on their recommendation, if I've time, I might give that a shot.
But as far as FORTRESS, we'll disagree here...