Saturday, August 04, 2007


Two more photos by Shivers Mullen. For whatever reason, she seems to find the crapola I have in my house interesting. Personally, I think the photos she takes of my crapola are more interesting than the actual crapola itself.
But, speaking of Popeye, I had a blast promoting the new Fleischer DVD set out in San Diego. The Warner's Video people were extremely kind to me, as was my old King Features pal Frank Caruso. It was fun to see old friends Bob Jacques, John Loter, Karl Kesel, Ron Randall, Barbara Kesel, Marv Wolfman, Chris Mitchell and Bill Presing again. My thanks to Blog Buddies Smo, Pete Lazarski and Marc Crisafulli for coming to the Popeye Panel. And especially terrific for me was having dinner with my "kids", Pete Browngardt and Phil Rynda. Perhaps I won't wait another 15 years to go to Comic Con again!


Anonymous said...

It's great that you had fun at the Comic Con. I got a copy of the dvd myself, and so far, it is THE best DVD release of this year. (Not to say that the Woody box set is no scrub)

Picking up the said DVD, however, was the worst experience of my life, so far anyway. I was wondering if you could come to my blog, read my latest post, then you will understand what I'm talking about.

:: smo :: said...

that panel was sweet!

but i couldn't believe there wasn't more talk of the jeep! i know you know where it's at but those other guys have got to get with it! ha!

Chris Duffy said...

Wot's your email?

You know mine!

I lost yours.

I have a goodie to send you, electronically speaking.


Can't there be a Popeye comic book again...someday? And can't you draw it?

Chris Mitchell said...

It was awesome to see you too!..I wish we could have hung out for longer...we ate some cookies tho..