Monday, August 20, 2007


In fact, this is one of the best birthday cards I ever got. I don't remember when I got it, but Chris Duffy gave it to me, anyhow, drew it for me and gave it to me, in fact.
The contents are...a little esoteric. You need to have a working knowledge of Marvel Comics from the 60's. And maybe the 70's.
And Chris knows I'm a sucker for that flat topped, fine finned sea-king, NAMOR, THE SUB-MARINER. (That's MAH-rin-er. Not Ma-REE-ner. Which is what I thought it was when I was little. Now, if anyone can rightly tell me how to pronounce "Magneto", I'll die a happy fella.)
Hey, you know, Chris is the comics editor of Nickelodeon Magazine, and he's also started his own blog, which is this:
I encourage you to visit Chris there, often.


Peter said...

I don't know Chris, but he's right on the mark with this card. You are a huge crybaby, Stephen. Cudos to you for allowing the truth to be known.

Chris Duffy said...

"With far mor vigour than any surface Lumpkin."

Man, I crack me up!

sdestefano said...

that you do, Chris Duffy.