Sunday, April 15, 2007

POPEYE (and drawn by someone other than me!)

Nice, right?
I don't know who drew this, nor which cartoon it's from (I could probably track it down from the war era of early Famous Studios shorts--or one of my astute fellow bloggers is welcome to chime in if they have the answer). But there you have it, a storyboard drawing from a Popeye Cartoon. This was a gift (an extremely generous one, to boot) from John Loter, many years ago.
Most of you know by now that the classic Fleischer Popeye cartoons will begin being released on DVD sometime this summer---check CARTOON BREW for the date. I had a very minor hand in the production of this historic set. The cover artwork is indeed all mine, albeit from King Features Style Guides of years past, and it is a handsome package King had put together. I also (did I blog about this before?) was filmed drawing the character, and mouthing off somewhat dully about my love for Popeye, which will be available on the DVD in the extra features section. Wahoo!
Also, in further Popeye/DeStefano news, I just completed an interview with Brian Morris about my life drawing the Sailor Man for licensing, to be printed in HOGANS ALLEY sometime in the near future.

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I can't wait for that Popeye box set.I used to watch those things every damn sunday. And in LA there was a dude who drew popeye every week between comercial breaks.Then he would draw viewers names out of a fish barrel to win the drawing that he had just finished , I guess. Whatever, I love those Flyscher Popeye's though, And that board is rad.