Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Any requests?

a little too busy this week to post anything new, but I have updated my links section, and plan to add more links in the coming weeks.
I'd love to hear if there's anything folks'd like to see me post.
More Popeye? More VB's?
I think I have some Mickey Mouse art I could put up.
Also, some work from my time on Universal's last incarnation of Woody Woodpecker.
Give a shout, if anyone has ideas.


Johnny B said...

Jingle Belle?

bc3 said...

Hey Stephen! Great to see you posting so much of your work. To jog your memory I did a couple boards on season 1 of VB, never got in the groove though. Also worked on "Fresh Spins" with Uncle Phil, and Tony. I was the bearded guy in the middle.

Would love to see some of your Woody Woodpecker and Popeye work. I also know you have an extensive library of some great old cartoon artist, do share if you feel like sitting on the scanner all day.

Jamie S. Rich said...

I'd love to see some Woody Woodpecker. That sounds awesome!

(Hi, Stephen!)

wolfboy said...

Marvel Team-Ups!

pbcbstudios said...

you got anymore sketches like your dorky kid drawings. those are great. really enjoy your blog.


Spooky Chan said...

I'd love to see more Venture Brothers stuff. I just adore that show, and you're illustrations/boards are just wonderful. =D


sdestefano said...

Thanks for the excellent suggestions, everyone!
Johnny B--see, the thing about Jingle Belle is that pretty much everything I've done of her has been printed. I kind of like to share weird, obscure stuff of mine here in the blogoverse. Still, it's possible I might have an unused sketch or two of Jing. I'll look.
Bob--duh! Of course I remember you--I got two of my favorite shirts from you! That's kind of a cool suggestion you have there...I do have a sweet collection of classic cartoon art, I will admit. I could scan some stuff.
Jamie--whoa, speaking of Jingle Belle! Jamie was my editor on Jing. Dang, son, what're you up to?
Woody Woodpecker for the young man from Oregon.
Andy--you and your Marvel Team Ups. Okay. Actually, I think I may have a drawing of the Hulk and Spider-Man I've been meaning to post.
PBCStudios--Hm. More dorky kids. I think I'm fresh out of dorky kids. Would you settle for me inking Evan Dorkin's pencils?
Spooky--I...yeah. I didn't post everything I'd planned to of the VB's. Originally, I was going to post rough boards by none other than Jackson Publick himself! Then, I figured...I dunno, maybe I should let him post those. But the guy never posts his drawings. He just writes about painting his office on his blog. Mmmmaybe.
Right now I'm working on a 'HOW TO DRAW THE VENTURE BROS....THE JACKSON PUBLICK WAY' at the studio. Perhaps someday, I'll post that.