Thursday, June 12, 2008


To answer Tony DiStefano's question (despite the fact that we're not related), that IS my drawing on the cover of the latest Warner Home Video DVD set, as hinted at a while ago here on this blog. I'm posting my original sketch, which package designer JEFF SCHULZ felt needed a little spinach infused muscle. I'm extremely excited about my work appearing on this package, as all of the art featured on it will be ALL NEW (and brilliantly showcased by the above mentioned Mr. Schulz). I've been drawing Popeye for maybe 20 years now, but I think I've gotten to draw him in his Navy Whites maybe once. I'm pleased with my drawings, and hope you feel they compliment and do justice to the extraordinary cartoons on the DVD's themselves.
Honestly, I love drawing these characters.


Jamie S. Rich said...

I'm in the middle of reviewing the second set right now. Quel coincidence!

Larry Levine said...

Stephen, I think this is the best cover yet (not to say in any way the other two aren't brilliant).

I find this one so much fun to look at & you nailed the early Fleischer war-era Bluto perfectly!!!

PS: Thank you for posting the original graphite drawing--what pencil brand/grade did you use?

sdestefano said...

Nothing fancy--actually, I probably just used a mechanical pencil. My Spumco days of using a 6B are mainly behind me, although it was very liberating to use a super dark pencil back then.
Thanks for posting, Jamie, Larry.

intergalactic said...

Can't beat the "Who" man.



Will Finn said...

Snappy pappy!

I always loved these old Popeye cartoons but unfortunately by the time i was old enough to appreciate how extraordinary they were, they dropped out of circulation and became incredibly hard to find.

So glad these prime sets are here now, along with your pitch-perfect images.

chrisallison said...

I knew it! I saw the cover on Cartoon Brew and guessed it was yours. You do a great job on all the Popeye merch artwork and I can't wait to pick up my copy!

synthicide said...

very nice, i like the version without the spinach muscle more though.
it looks great though!

Tony DiStefano said...

What a great drawing!I had a feeling the cover was yours.I didnt think you would have put the muscle on Popeye.
My next door neighbor Joan is the niece of Al Eugster.She showed me
some beautiful model sheets from a 1950s cartoon where Popeye gos to mars.Stephen, you were born at the wrong time.Animation wise anyway.

Lovelace said...

Well, I dunno how to put it. You are the Popeye Guy. Only One may there be. The torch of magicality is in your hands. It's downright miraculatious.

Mike Nassar said...

the dvd cover came out great. thanks for posting the rough too.

Carly Monardo said...

God that drawing is just so nice!!!!