Monday, June 23, 2008


I'm so happy that everyone's been enjoying MONDAY'S STRIP. 
But--having gone back into production on the VENTURE BROTHERS last week, free time to work on personal projects is scarce and precious. 
I do enjoy producing MONDAY'S STRIP, though, and rather than give it up altogether, I've decided to cut back on its frequency. Look for it to appear the first Monday of every month from now on, appearing next on July 7th!
I'll blog a few odds and ends later this evening, which I think you'll enjoy!
Thanks again,
Stephen de


Larry Levine said...


Vincent Waller said...

Yeah I'm pouting. But as long as you're working your magic ...and you show us a little of it from time to time, I'll deal with it.

Anonymous said...

Like Vincent wrote - as long as you're working on my favorite cartoon show, then by all means, I'll wait for you Monday Strip.

stephen said...

as long as it is still called "monday's strip," no matter when produced or posted, I will read it.