Saturday, August 25, 2007


This is one of my favorite originals from my collection. Cartoon storytelling doesn't get more charming than this.
The strip was called BARNEY BAXTER--the fuzzy guy in panels 3 and 4 a character named Gopher Gus, and indeed, the creator of this strip was a fellow named "Frank Miller". I much prefer his work to that of the more famous cartoonist toting that name around today (Although, I do own a piece of HIS art as well....)


Lovelace said...

These are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

His work reminds em of another Frank... Nice drawings!

Tony Akins said...

I especially like the panels with Gopher Gus... Very, very nice control and X-hatching.
Thanks for these!

Tony Akins said...

One more thing...Stephen I found your excellent blog featured on Drawn!
Brutus or Bluto, I could never tell them apart; a white hat, a derby?
Anyway, the entry reminded me of my love for the early Popeye works. Lo and behold just a coupla days after after your entry I found the remastered Popeye DVD Volume One. Beautiful animation! 60 shorts! Amazing. I shiver with joy!