Saturday, July 21, 2007

from the "BOY, I'VE HAD A WEIRD CAREER" dept.

Not a hoax or an imaginary concept, these are images from King Features' "GRUNGE POPEYE" 1995 licensing push.
At least I got to draw Bluto, instead of the insipid Brutus (see my post regarding this particular prejudice further into my blog.)


Shivers said...

Wow! Popeye as Axl Rose!! haha

They're are all fantastic!

xx Shivers

ryan said...

great popeye/bluto handslap drawing

Michael said...

That's an interesting combination: Sagendorf's Popeye with Segar's Bluto.

Personally, I'd love to see a return to the Segar character designs in the comic strip, but I'm extremely happy with the Fleischer designs you've been doing...they may be just a shade more "flexible" than the Segar designs.

warren said...

That's just fucking weird.

Great drawings though!

cartoonjoe said...

You know, if these were any other characters than Popeye and Bluto, I'd say this was typically condescending marketing b.s., like the "Hip-Hop" Looney Tunes Time-Warner did at the same time.

However, with Popeye and Bluto, this seems oh-so appropriate to their characters!

I love it, and your style in general. Thanks!

-U! said...

Great images,thanks for sharing!