Thursday, February 22, 2007

Oh wait a minute. That's right. I've got a blog. Duh...

My apologies, long time no post!
Essentially I've been recovering from finishing my final board on FUTURAMA for the good folks at Rough Draft, saving and gearing up my energy for my coming gig on---wait for it---the VENTURE BROTHERS, Season 3! I'm very much looking forward to working on the VB's again, it should be a blast. Jackson Publick's one of the finest talents in the industry, as well as being just plain pretty to look at.
What've all you guys been up to?
How's tricks.
I'm posting a crazy little drawing of Popeye. He's little in the drawing.

The other day, I taped an interview to be included on the forthcoming (and long awaited) POPEYE DVD boxed set. I talk about my process in drawing the character. How he's changed over the years. My theories on why he's so enduring, and the influence of Segar on the cartooning community as a whole.
I come off as a real cluck, I know. I sound stupid in interviews.

What else?
I've become obsessive about buying DC Archive Editions (they're expensive).
I did my taxes.
I'm working on a SpongeBob story. I'm late on it.
I'm reading V FOR VENDETTA. Which is alright.

Look at this picture of Popeye. Kinda cute, isn't it?


Kevin Langley said...

I love your little redesign of Popeye. I saw one of those in Draw! Magazine. If the interview for the DVD is half as good as the one from Draw! it will make for a nice extra. I'm looking forward to VB season 3 it's the only cartoon on TV I watch.

J.E.Daniels said...

You've been boarding for Futurama?
Awesome! Can't wait for the new episodes!
Do you use your own style on the boards, or do they expect you to conform to their in-house style?

SteveLambe said...

I LOVE your version of Popeye! I've had the ones that were in your Drawn magazine interview tacked above my drawing desk for a few years now.

Sigh....if only they'd do new popeye cartoons using that design.

Matt said...

Nice work, your take on Popeye is very fresh. I am so jealous that you are involved in Venture Bros. That's the most hilarious animated series. I luv it.


Craig D said...

Oooh La La!

A nugget of info about the upcoming POPEYE box set!

"Many T'anks!"

Mr. Semaj said...

Are you working on the SpongeBob TV show or another related project?