Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Nice Italian Boys

Years ago, I named the two best living draftsmen I know as
David Mazzucchelli and Chris Reccardi. At least, they were two
of my favorites, and remain so. What a treat for me and my
mother that they're actually both nice Italian fellas!
The little Mazzucchelli sketch is of his Herrimanesque
character Mope, from his MOPE AND GROPE strips back in the
old RUBBER BLANKET book. Must've gotten it years ago. Anyone
unfamiliar with that anthology should run, not walk over to eBay
and search some down, now.
Chris is harder to find on eBay I think, but more readily available
on TV. He and the incomparable Lynne Naylor are now working on
something horribly groovy, you must check your tube soon for it,
it'll be exceptional, I know....
The Reccardi sketch is a caricature Chris did, maybe 15
years ago, of a fellow Spumco layout artist.
No post, next week, I think; I'm going to try and figure out
how to show links...


Don Shank said...

Oh SH*T I remember that guy! And I remember that drawing! Shoot that takes me back.
thanks for sharing. :-D

lorelay bove said...

Sure, when I complete my film, you could purchase the painting. Around April, or first week of May.

I will be having an art show this summer, so I'll let everyone know on my blog.

Chris said...

Hey lookit that! There are some italians in animation. I'm not alone!