Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Lousey Links, an Ode to my Uncle

You'll notice I've got two links up. Over there, you should be able to see 'em.
But don't click on them. They don't work.
I've tried.
They worked at one time, last night, but I messed with them, and now they're
But I'll figure this business out, no doubt with Uncle Phil Rynda's help.
Phil very patiently, very calmly walked me through the process last night, as
he's patiently and calmly helped me out on several other occassions in the
past. He's a good guy to have in your corner, that Phil is. An Italian Boy! (with
some Polish stock in him, to be sure, but still a paisan.)
I like Phil, a lot. I like his weird obsession with South American cartoonists.
I like his Grandma Carmella---his whole family in fact.
I like his screwy little drawing of a chihuahua, which I'm posting
here, alongside an Argentine original, with its overlay, which
Phil generously gave me a few months ago.
Phil helps me continuously, he's like that, and one time in the past,
I thanked him, and asked him how he got so adept,
so capable at helping.
"I am the sh*t!", he replied jokingly,
but he's right.


Marc Crisafulli said...
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Marc Crisafulli said...

This is a wonderful drawing.

O, how fortunate some were to have lived in an era and locale where personal hygiene and orthodontia were not top priorites!!