Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Alien Baby

Folks, I just wanted to quickly plug my new strip (handsomely aided by
Pete "Gweelok" Browngardt's loopy humor) appearing in the WEEKLY WORLD
NEWS. It's called ALIEN BABY, based on reports previously published
in that esteemed paper. It began running a couple of weeks ago, and
I'd really like to know what folks out there think about it. Lemme know!


Don Shank said...

Hey Stephen! I don't get WWN here, I wish I could check out your strip.
oh, and, your problem with the links is that you essentially have your blog address combined with the link address see: http://stephendestefano.blogspot.com/http://donshank.blogspot.com/

just eliminate your address so it's just: http://donshank.blogspot.com/

sdestefano said...

thanks for the advice, but the changes I made to my template last night don't include my blog address, just yours and Phil's. So, I don't know what all I'm doing wrong, but I'll figure it out, eventually.
Stupid, stupid computers.