Wednesday, May 05, 2010


Book one of LUCKY IN LOVE is with Kim and his designers at Fantagraphics. They're good people. They're nice to me.
Looks like the book will be out in time for San Diego. If you're going to the convention, check in at the FB booth at some point. Likely I'll be there, either on Friday or Saturday. (Also, I may be on a Cartoon Network panel, for the show I'm currently working on, although I'm not sure I'm allowed to speak too much about that right now.)
I've started drawing book two, LUCKY IN LOVE: LUCKY FOR LIFE. I've done a dozen or so pages of layouts, but took a break from storytelling today to do a little character designing. Check it out, yo.

Book two may not have drawings as dynamic looking as the ones in book one, but that's because George and I will be telling a different kind of story in the second volume. But it'll be just as good, if not better.


Chris Houghton said...

AWESOME. Book two? Already? You're a machine!

sdestefano said...

Thanks Chris. I don't feel much like a machine, but I'm doing my best to get work done!