Monday, November 23, 2009

Long Time No Post, OR, LUCKY IN LOVE Vol. 1

Hello, Blogosphere!

so, what's new?
Everybody good? You workin'?

I haven't been here in a long time, huh?
Sorry, I've been busy.

Actually, very busy. These days I'm designing on Genndy Tartakovsky's new Cartoon Network production, SYMBIONIC TITAN, which is a terrific job. And also, I've been drawing a graphic novel.
I'm pretty proud of the novel, really. I've been working on it for a while. My good friend, George Chieffet wrote the narrative, and I lettered and drew the whole thing. In fact, I'm still lettering and drawing the whole thing. But I need to get it done soon, as the good folks at FANTAGRAPHICS BOOKS (h'lo, Kim!) have promised to publish it. It's due to hit bookstores in June of 2010, and in fact, can be pre-ordered right this minute on
Please to look at my drawings. They're all from chapter one, the first of three in volume one (volume two will be published sometime around 2013).
Enjoy, and please let me know what you think!

Also, my apologies to folks that have written interested in commissions and artwork---unfortunately, my schedule has been quite dense, and I no longer find the time to draw side projects. Of course, there's probably always time during the day to properly and politely respond to your requests, and if you had written and did not hear back from me, I regret any inconveniences I may have caused you.
Thanks for your patience, everyone!


Jon McNally said...

For this long-time fan, news of the project is like a dream come true! Cheers to you and your busy-ness.

Unknown said...


ANDY KUHN said...


WOW! i've always been a fan of your work but your cartooning on this OGN is blowing me away.
i can't wait to pick this up when it hits stores.
stay awesome!

Gabe said...

Great news—I was afraid your beautiful drawings were lost to the world of comics for good.

sdestefano said...

Thanks for your comments and good vibes, fellas! There'll be more to come...Cheers!

Duffs said...

Yes--this is what the world needs! More DeStefano comics! Can't wait.

Will Finn said...

Welcome back perfesser. Glad you're absence is due to a plethora of upcoming goodness. The book looks like something out of a dream--i cannot wait to grab a copy or two...or three....

mikecarloooyeah said...

Nice stuff Stephan, COngrats on the gigs too. It's always nice to check out your work.

william wray said...

I didn't know about the book! ya -Hoo!