Monday, July 07, 2008


Seems I promised to draw one for today.

Well, I don't have one.
My apologies!
I didn't do one.
I'll do one tomorrow.

Once I think of a gag.

Does anyone out there have a good gag?


Anonymous said...

Ideas? Alas, not for your own characters, as much as I like them. All I can think of is that I'd like to see you draw Betty Boop's considerably hotter pal Sally Swing, complete with bobby socks. Another useless suggestion...

Peter said...

Here's an idea from my kids:
A guy wants to check into a hotel room, but the clerk says it's haunted, but he does anyway. Then he goes into the room. Then he hears a voice say "Now that I got you I'm gonna eat you. Then he jumps out of the window and dies. The next day another guy checks into the same room, even though it's haunted, and he hears the same thing. "Now that I got you I'm gonna eat you." Then he pulls the curtain aside and sees a little kid there with a booger on his finger. Then the kid eats the booger.

Run with it.

Jess said...

Your art is amazing, im jealous of your talent <3

Ryan Khatam said...

um, i do.. but i already used it for a comic on my blog

you should go check it out :)

Anonymous said...
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