Saturday, May 05, 2007


Friends, thus ends our exploration into all things Shank. I've no more of his drawings, or at least more is not handily visible in my files. For more of Don's work, I direct you to his blog, via my links section.
One final note: the word "plotte" in Stage 1 is in reference to Julie Doucet's comic DIRTY PLOTTE, which Don seemed infatuated with after I'd introduced it to him, many years ago.


Don Shank said...

Wow, this is so crazy to see this after 14 years! Yes, I was infatuated with Dirty Plotte. Though I lost interest only because it took so long inbetween issues. You're inspiring me to dig through all my old boxes of drawings.
thanks Stephen!

C.M.B. said...

Whenever I have another rash, I'll call it butt blush now.