Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Chad Grothkopf

Two charming sketches, pasted back to back, by one of the true masters of funny animal cartooning.
Anyone interested in learning to draw "cute"---and I mean that in a good way--search down Chad's work in golden-age comics like FUNNY ANIMALS, and HOPPY THE MARVEL BUNNY (which blew Chris George's mind when I first showed it to him!)


Unknown said...

'salways good to see some Chad. And a Chad Hoppy, to boot!

Thanks for the link!

James E. Daniels said...

I only have one issue of "Funny Animals" and it seems to concentrate on "Atomic Mouse".
Is he a Grothkopf creation as well?

Unknown said...

...Kirby Museum link, that is...

Hmm... Atomic Mouse - Al Fago?

sdestefano said...

yup, yup, and many thanks for your hard work presiding over the Kirby Museum.
And JE, Randy's right, Atomic Mouse was an Al Fago creation while he worked at Charlton. I recall that sometime in the 1950's, the title FUNNY ANIMALS, which was originally published by Fawcett in the 40's, was purchased by Charlton. Check the date on your copy, I would think it'd be from the 50's or later.
Thank you both for the comments!

Unknown said...

You're welcome, Stevie! ;^P