Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Hilarity ensues...

Remember when Flash was new, and web-toons were the big thing?
I was there, man.

I sold this idea to Funny Garbage, who were then doing the Cartoon Network website.
I did no other work on it than this drawing, and the concept. I dunno if they ever created the cartoon. I think they did.

The idea was: a PBS think-tank style show, like the McGlaughlin Group, but featuring the unintelligible growls and gurbles of the creatures from the Herculoids.
I made big money from this, baby!


Peter said...

With Iggo as the unbiased moderator. Body slam! haha awesome :D

:: smo :: said...

that gleep and gloop is awesome!!! they're my favorite HB characters to bring up in unrelated conversation by a landslide.

Gary Fields said...

FG did produce this webtoon. I storyboarded it and the animation dept. animated it. funny stuff!! nice to see your work, stephen.