Tuesday, September 05, 2006


just a quick post, me drawing in the style, poorly, of the "King", Jack Kirby.
For Adult Swim's MINORITEAM.
Not much time today, please check back this Thursday for more


sdestefano said...

Jesus, no wonder this bunch of guys look so glum. Look how slanted that table is...

Matthew I. Jenkins said...

This is cool! Must've been fun to try Kirby style. What was this used for exactly?

sdestefano said...

I worked on season 1 of Minoriteam.
My official title was "art director", and I worked on only two 11 minute episodes. (Don't know if I'm still credited as an art director, but I don't think I am....)
I'll post more M-team stuff, it is a hoot to draw in Kirby style.

wolfboy said...

--it's awsome seeing your version of this, Stephen--my "partner in arms", so to speak. Killer stuff.

Anonymous said...

Why is there not an Irish person on the show? they have been oppressed WAY MORE! than Mexicans.