Friday, August 11, 2006

...okay. Alright. I'm figuring this out. I can do this.
I wanted to post some art today. This isn't quite what I wanted to post, but
whatever, I'll get to the other stuff soon. This is me as Popeye the Sailor
(I draw Popeye the Sailor for King Features Licensing.)
Look at it.
I'll get more stuff up soon, but for now, just
look at this.


Chris George said...

Hey, Stephen. Goddamn beautiful work as always, sir. Do post some more.


Martin Wittig said...

YEAHHHHHHHHHHYYYY! Ya got a blog! Awesome work man, and welcome to the nerdy self-gratifying world of blogging;)

Crew Hudson said...

Geez, my "eyes" just "popped" out...
Ooof, I know, I apologize for the bad joke. Most excellent though :)

sdestefano said...

No one's ever asked me to draw the Popeye comic strip. Except Bobby London himself, many years ago, who, when he was drawing the strip, was looking for an assistant.
I have drawn little Popeye advertising strips here and there. I drew a strip which appeared-- maybe in the last year or two, wherein Popeye officially adopts Swee'pea (it was a promotion for National Adoption Month).
I'll try and post some in the next few months!

Craig D said...


I'm "late to the party" but it's great to see your blog, here. I've been a fan since your "Instant Piano" days!

Keep up the good work!